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With every great story, comes a great beginning.  Over 14 years ago, a small company in Van Nuys, CA set out to create the most effective and delicious method to maximize nutritional support. The result was the world’s first gummy multi-vitamins.

Today this company is Zanon USA, Inc. and we are a leader in global nutraceuticals. At the forefront of innovation and development, we have long been devoted to health worldwide through our continual Research and Development team and commitment in producing the healthiest vitamins and minerals possible.  Products of Zanon USA, Inc. are found in over forty countries, providing cutting edge nutritional supplements across the world.


For its extensive efforts, Zanon USA Inc. was awarded the Presidential “E” Award in 2008 and then the coveted “E” star award in 2012 for the utmost excellence in export which was awarded at the White House in Washington D.C. Zanon USA Inc. is also recognized for its humanitarian efforts and their firm belief in being cruelty free, producing the healthiest products.


T-RQ™ is an innovative and cutting edge line of gummy vitamins for adults. Each formula is specially designed to maximize nutritional support by delivering the healthiest combination of vitamins and supplements. As a leader in health and nutrition, all of our gummies are made with the highest quality ingredients and come in natural, great tasting flavors.

Grounded in supplements, but expanding beyond.


While MaryRuth’s™ does create delicious, vegan supplements, and has a line of liquid supplements and tasty, healthy gummies, none of these truly capture the magic of what’s so special about MaryRuth’s™.


MaryRuth is a real person who started this company to create products she felt the industry could use and that she gives to her own family. She and the team stand behind the products so much that MaryRuth’s face and name are even on the front of the packaging, as it has been since the beginning when her husband David suggested she do so. MaryRuth cares so genuinely about helping people live their best and healthiest lives that she prioritizes that above all else.


MaryRuth’s™ believes that making the best supplements for health means creating supplements with non-GMO, vegan ingredients, with the fewest number of allergens as possible. MaryRuth’s™ does their best to find only the highest quality ingredients and to formulate great-tasting supplements!


MaryRuth’s™ is a mission-driven company that aims to support our community and our customers in their health and wellness goals.


MaryRuth’s™ began by making supplements to help people. MaryRuth’s™ believes, first and foremost, that our bodies should get nutrients primarily from the food we eat, the water we drink & the sun that shines down on us, but MaryRuth’s™ knows that there are obstacles that can inhibit this from happening.


This is why their product line is grounded in supplements with some offerings in beauty and other categories, but MaryRuth’s™ broader vision is to expand their brand to be a wide range of products and services that can help people move forward every day.


Next, MaryRuth’s™ plans to expand the brand into even more categories. Stay tuned!

Rob, a busy father and entrepreneur, was rummaging through his kitchen cabinet one morning, late for his daily adventures. He yelled out, "Jes, where's my Lion's Mane?" She replied, "Behind my prenatal gummies!"

And there it was - Rob's light bulb moment. It was as if a giant neon sign flashed, 'Mushroom Gummies!' - so simple, yet revolutionary. It left him wondering - "Why hadn't anyone cooked this up before?"

While there are a plethora of gummies on the market, from apple cider vinegar to sea moss, a crucial gap was waiting to be filled - none of them packed the power of functional mushrooms. Gummies that could make the magic of mushrooms fun, easy, and delicious? Now, who could resist that?

Driven by this vision, Rob teamed up with his father, Stacy. The dynamic duo embarked on a mission to formulate the tastiest, most effective mushroom gummies.

Countless hours, numerous trials, and years of R&D later, they finally hit the sweet spot. The result? Fungies® was born - a delicious testament to Rob's ingenuity, making wellness a fun and tasty affair. After all, life is too short not to enjoy your superfoods!


Fungies® is the most convenient and delicious way to add functional mushrooms to your daily routine.

We packed all the health benefits of functional mushrooms into delicious, vegan-friendly gummies.

Simply put, Fungi + Gummies = Fungies.

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